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Wondering how you can edit your CV to be more AI ATS friendly? We've got you!

Posted on 11 Mar 2024 by Cathy

As more companies rely on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter CVs, it's essential to tailor your resume to ensure it ranks high in these AI-driven systems. Here are some key tips on how to edit your CV:

Use relevant keywords:
ATS software scans resumes for specific keywords and phrases relevant to the job description. Carefully analyse the job posting to identify the most important skills, qualifications, and industry-specific jargon. Incorporate these keywords naturally throughout your CV, highlighting your proficiency and experience in those areas.

Customize your CV for each application:
While it might be tempting to send out a generic CV for multiple applications, it's much more effective to tailor your resume for each job you apply for. Use the job description as a guide to understand the employer's requirements, and then emphasize the relevant skills and experiences you possess. This customization can significantly boost your chances of getting noticed by the ATS.

Optimize your headings and sections:
ATS systems typically look for specific sections, such as Work Experience, Skills, Education, etc. Ensure that your CV follows a clear and conventional structure that ATS systems can easily identify. Use standard section headings that match the expected format.

Avoid complex formatting:
While a visually appealing CV might impress a human evaluator, complex formatting can cause issues with ATS software. Stick to a simple and clean design with a consistent font style, size, and formatting throughout. Avoid using excessive tables, columns, or graphics that might confuse the ATS.

Proofread your CV:
Grammar and spelling errors can negatively affect your CV's ranking in an ATS system. Before submitting your application, thoroughly proofread your CV for any mistakes or typos. Consider using online grammar and spell checkers such as Grammarly, or ask a trusted friend to review it for you.


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This blog post has been shared with permission from our Team Lead and Senior Technical Recruiter, Cathy Wojnicki. To read the original post, please visit the following link.