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Public Sector

An Irish company, and industry leader, with over 25 years of directly supplying exceptional talent to the Irish public sector.

Vantage has a proven track record of service delivery for Irish Public Sector Bodies. Our unrivalled ability to meet our customers technical needs allows for a client retention rate that is second to none.

A core value for our organisation is to actively listen to our clients needs and to assit them in the delivery of their services in the most cost and time efficent manner possible.

Vantage provides consultation on technology roadmaps, addressing immediate issues while also strategising for long-term resilience for our clients in the Public Sector. This enables our PSB clients to prioritize the relevant improvement of public services while utilising technology effectively.


Vantage Resources has extensive knowledge in assisting our educational clients realise their digital transformation goals. Our deployed development services help our educational clients across several technical projects including: Administration, Payroll, Operations, Case Management, and Research.


Vantage Resources, have extensive experience in offering software development services to our HSE clients. Our build Enterprise Architects fulfilled several functions for our client working on a range of digital & technology initiatives based on HSE priorities including: Stakeholder manage Engagement, Business Analysis, Ideation, Solution Architecture, Technical Architecture, Cloud Solutions, Business & ICT Strategy Alignment, Standards, Interoperability, Guidance, Architectural Support, Policy & Procedures, Specifications, Leadership. These roles involved working directly on a number of projects that included, Digital Transformation Roadmap, OID Policy & Procedure , Covid Care Tracker App & SwiftQueue, National ePrescribing Project, HMMS, NCIS & MN-CMS Working Group NCIS Project, Open NCP Project


Vantage Resources has extensive knowledge in assisting our Justice client by supporting the work of both pillars within the department that enable functions of Transparency, Corporate Change, Technology and Innovation (CTI) as well as European Affairs. This work ranges from the provision of QA/Test solutions across a selection of projects and platforms to the provision of QA/Test solutions on platform upgrades as well as advising the Department on the development and implementation of emerging Test Strategies by being a key figure in the consultation of and implementation of this strategy.


Vantage Resources has over 20 years consistent knowledge in assisting An Garda Síochána in its commitment to A Policing Service for the Future (APSFF). This programme is designed to respond to changing demands and expectations of citizens and the emerging security and policing challenges.AGS is a community-based organisation with over 17,000 Garda and Garda Staff employees. It has police officers located in over 650 sites nationwide, listening to, acting and working with the community.

Vantage Resources support AGS who operate a large number of ICT systems which are diverse in nature, in the functionality they provide, as well as the scale of users they support. Vantage has consistently assisted the client in their enterprise scale Policing systems (with up to 15,000 users) including: PULSE, Investigations & Property management, Fixed Charge Penalty System (FCPS) and Vetting, as well as many others which are designed to meet very specific policing needs.

Planning and implementing services to meet our clients requirements

Vantage's Service Delivery Model (VSDM) ensures the right resources are selected, deployed, and managed for our clients. It covers all aspects of planning and implementing services to meet our clients requirements. Operations focus on workforce planning and professional development, while Client Services focus on matching candidates with clients and maintaining service quality. This methodology enables us to deliver services and support staff roles for the public sector.

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