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Strategies for Expanding Your Talent Pool

Strategies for Expanding Your Talent Pool


Vantage's Commercial Manager Sharon Murray takes a look at ways companies can build and grow their talent pool in a…

Podcast Episode 1

Let's Talk Tech

Let's Talk Tech Podcast #1 of the new series.

Let's Talk Tech and Vantage are thrilled to introduce our first Guest of the new podcast series, Emma Taylor, an HR…

Top Motivations for Software Developers to make a move in 2024

Top Motivations for Software Developers to make a move in 2024

As 2024 rapidly approaches, here at Vantage, our consultants reached out and spoke to 100 of our top…

Vantage shortlisted for 2 ERF awards

Vantage shortlisted for 2 Industry awards

We at Vantage are thrilled to share that Vantage has been shortlisted for the prestigious Recruitment Medium Agency of the…

Finding talented people to aid a firm’s digital transformation

Our MD Jason McNeill & Director of Operations Kevin Hearns sat down with John Walsh of the Business Post to discuss today's ICT landscape and market.

Working with a…

The move to "Agile"

We thought with this article we might give our perspective on the move to “Agile”. Many organisations are adopting Agile approaches e.g. SCRUM or using elements of Agile…

Contracting: The Mortgage Myth

Vantage Consultant Eric Seery spoke with Fenero to discuss the truth behind the mortgage myth in contracting.

After years of working with contractors, a big issue that…

Attitude is a choice: getting under the skin of employee motivation

For most of the working week, people tend to focus purely on the job they’re doing. But every now and again, thoughts turn to some fundamental questions. Where do we…

Why you should consider a contracting role

Whether you are in a permanent job, moving from a previous contract role or re-entering the workforce, the idea of taking on a contracting role can be a daunting one…

Podcast Episode 7

Don’t just fake it till you make it

Jason chats to John Smith about why authentic leadership counts when managing teams for success.